Learn Basic Coding Through Flexible Online Evening Classes.

We teach online evening classes with up to 4 students covering Python specifically. Our goal is to teach people enough so they can use coding for their own individual purposes - not to turn people into full-fledged software engineers.

How it Works

1. Online Course

Our online course contains all you need to know to get started on real Python projects – without all the bells and whistles. You’ll be guided through the key Python concepts with brief explainer videos and practical exercises.

2. Online Evening Classes

During your weekly evening lesson, you’ll join a group of up to four students. A coding tutor will be on hand in the class to answer everyone's questions and help you overcome specific stumbling blocks.

3. Personal Mentor

As a Codegates student, you’ll have access to a professional
programmer as a personal mentor. You can rely on your mentor for virtual guidance and support throughout your learning.

4. Cancel Anytime

You are free to cancel anytime you wish, no-questions-asked.


Basic - £12.95 / week

Premium - £19.95 / week

Cancel anytime.
No hidden charges.

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Say Goodbye to Frustration and Confusion.

Learning to code can be incredibly fun - and incredibly frustrating. With Codegates you're not alone. An important job of our mentors is to help you out each time you're about to hit a demotivating sticking point while learning a new concept or working on a problem. Our mentors moreover help you clarify what to focus on and, maybe more importantly, what you can safely ignore.

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