Learn Basic Coding with the Help of a Personal Mentor and Weekly Group-Coding Sessions.

We teach basic coding in Python. All our students have a personal mentor, access to our online course and take part in one weekly group-coding session (75 min). Join a free Introduction below to learn more. No experience required!

How It Works

1. Personal Mentor

As a Codegates student you'll have a personal coding mentor. Your mentor's job is to check in on you, guide you throughout your learning and help you with specific technical issues as they occur.

2. Online Course

Our online course contains all the fundamentals you need to work on your own real projects. You’ll be guided through key concepts with explainer videos and exercises.

3. Weekly Group-Coding

During weekly group-coding sessions you'll log into an "online classroom" with other students. All students work individually on their own progress and a teacher is available on request to help out.

4. Free Online Introductions

You can join one of our free online introductions (15 min) with one of our coding mentors to easily learn more about our teaching: Introduction times


Basic - £18.50 / week

Premium - £24.50 / week

Cancel anytime.
No questions asked.

Say Goodbye to Frustration and Confusion.

Learning to code can be incredibly fun - and incredibly frustrating. With Codegates you're not alone. It's the job of our mentors to help you out when you're about to hit a demotivating sticking point. Our mentors moreover help you clarify what to focus on and - maybe more importantly - what you can safely ignore for the moment.

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